Legal Advisory Service

CBIC's Legal Assistance

The Legal Assistance of the Brazilian Chamber for the Construction Industry (CBIC) is a technical assistance that helps the Presidency, the Vice-Presidency and CBIC’s Administration Council on topics related to legal procedures. It helps especially with the empowering of the Brazilian Construction Industry sector and with representation actions in front of Superior courts that may repercute generally and strategically about the national productive sector, beside it, this assistance manages and provides the necessary legal knowledge to the associated entities. It still helps formulating opinion about legal topics, elaborating and examining contracts, accords and other CBIC’s adjustments, always trying to improve the quality of knowledge and the effectiveness of the measures. CBIC’s legal assistance also joins the Legal Council (CONJUR), which is composed by a group of lawyers, legal assessors and entrepreneurs that work in the Legal Construction Industry Segment of the affiliated entities, labor unions, associations and enterprises, basically based on researches, debates and discussions development related to legal aspects of the national topics that are interesting to the construction and real estate sector.


march, 2023