Legal Advisory Service

CONJUR – Institucional

CBIC’s Legal Council – CONJUR is a group of lawyers, legal assessors and entrepreneurs that work in the Legal Construction Industry Segment of the affiliated entities, labor unions, associations and enterprises basically based on researches, debates and discussions development related to legal aspects of the national topics that are interesting to the construction and real estate sector.

CONJUR meeting happen on the first Wednesday of each trimester, starting in January, and ending in October. It’s always into CONJUR’s agenda the discussion about relevant legal issues emerged because of the publications made by laws, interim measures and decrees from the Executive branch, together with the institution of economic plans and with the adoption of administrative and legal measures that include directly or indirectly the construction industry sector.

CONJUR comprises specific work groups that are involved into several law areas, as: Administrative/Constitutional Work Group; Environmental/Real Estate Market Work Group; Civil/Customer Work Group; Labor/Pension Work Group; Tax Law Work Group.

The discussion areas can comprise any law aspect, especially they civil, administrative and constitutional, tax, pension, environmental, labor law and other related areas, it is up to the specific agenda involved in each meeting. The debates conclusions and researches developed in GTS or in CONJUR become reports that are going to be used by the topical commissions of CBIC or they are going to be sending to the affiliates, and also they are going to be available in CBIC’s website.

CONJUR, as a participant or as an organizer, is always part of the National Meetings of Construction Industry – ENIC’s, and of the National Legal Seminars, as an organizer and coordinator, these events aim to openly discuss into the legal environment the most relevant topics for the construction industry involving as participants lawyers, judges, justices, superior court ministers and public employers.


march, 2023