Committee of Public Works, Privatization and Concessions



Improvement of Competitiveness and Market Expansion in Infrastructure – Cycle 2

Specific objective 1:

Contribute to the expansion of the Infrastructure market by increasing the number of companies able to participate in this market. Develop proposals for the government to increase the ability of companies to leverage investment and take on financing. Propose guidelines for companies to renew themselves, qualify themselves, qualify themselves to access public and/or private investments and the guarantees inherent to these new business models and to be able to compete in an isonomic way, contributing to increase the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry, reduce unemployment and raise revenue.

Specific objective 2:

Present proposals for the modernization of regulatory frameworks for bidding and contracting public works. Improve and/or develop technical and subsidy material to present in audiences and meetings with the public and/or private sector, considering the dynamics of approval of texts in the Legislative Chamber and in inspection and control bodies.

Specific objective 3:

Monitoring and disseminating the results of the review/measurement process of the compositions of the National Cost Research Systems and Civil Construction Indices.



january, 2023