Committee of Environment


IPHAN Presentations 23/10/2018

File: Painel_03-Andrey_Schlce

File: Painel_03-Caio_Portugual

File: Painel_03-Flavio_Calippo

File: Painel_03-Lucia_Juliani

File: Painel_03-Mayla_Fukishima

File: Painel_04-Alexandre_Rosa

File: Painel_04-Eric_Lemos

File: Painel_04-Karen_Schroder

File: Painel_04-Solange_Caldarelli

File: Painel_05-Edmilson_Costa

File: Painel_05-Eric_Lemos

File: Painel_05-Karla_Bitar

File: Painel_05-Sandra_Maia


IPHAN Presentations 22/10/2018

File: Conferencia_02-Marcos_Saes

File: Painel_01-Elisa_Machado_Taveira

File: Painel_01-Marcelo_Coluccini

File: Painel_01-Sergio_Oliveira

File: Painel_02-Larrisa

File: Painel_02-Roberto_Stanchi

File: Painel_02-Zani_Souza

ENIC Presentations 18/05/2018

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Alessandro Panasolo.pdf

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Alexandre Rates.pdf

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Andre Fraga.pdf

File: ENIC- 18-05-2018 – Gabriela Giacomolli.pdf

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Lucas Gibram.pdf

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Maury Garrett.pdf

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Osvaldo Soliano.pdf

File: ENIC – 18-05-2018 – Suzana Kahn.pdf

ENIC Presentations 17/05/2018

File: ENIC – 17-05-2018 – Felipe Faria.pdf

File: ENIC – 17-05-2018 – Ricardo Cansian.pdf

File: ENIC – 17-05-2018 – Rodrigo Basso.pdf

File: ENIC – 17-05-2018 – Bruno Martinez.pdf

“Sustainable Construction: The current Change” Sectorial Inlet

Research made by CBIC and CNI during CNI Sustainability 2017

File: Caderno Setorial CBIC – CNI Sustentabilidade.pdf

Construction and Climate Changes – PNUMA

Publication about Construction and Climate Changes made by United Nations Program for the environment

File: Buildings and Climate Change UNEP.pdf

Strategies for Sustainable Construction – British Government

Publication includes the British Government strategies for the sustainable construction

File: Strategy for Sustainable Construction – UK Government.pdf


The Future Of My City is an initiative that aims to mobilize the society to become the main character of the management of the cities, by developing sustainable solutions involving the main leaders of the municipalities.

File: Projeto – O Futuro da Minha Cidade -.pdf

CMA Agenda

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