Committee of Policy of Labor Relations


Safety and Healthy at Work

Safety and Healthy at Work in the Construction Industry Goal:

Adoption of policies to fight against the informality and implementation of actions that can result in the enhancement of safety and healthy at work, in better jobs and in better conditions of work to the employers of the construction sector.

Specific Goals:

  • Permanent monitoring of technical rules related to construction, through a technical specialized assistante in order to expand the access/knowledge to the current rules.
  • Monitoring and dissemination of the most important acts and decisions related to healthy and safety at work that have a real impact on the relations of work into the construction industry.
  • Perform (and/or join) events, lectures, seminars, fora, meetings and other similar events to discuss and promote the importance of healthy and safety at work in the sector and the enhancement of the relations of work in the construction sector.
  • Carry out researches/materials that aim to clarify and guide people about labor rules, including about the importance of adopting healthy and safety preventive measures at the construction sector.
  • Stimulate the management of healthy and safety at work into the small and medium sized enterprises of the construction industry.
  • Carry out researches about the accidents at work in the construction, also indicating constructive systems that may reduce effectively the number of accidents.

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Agenda CPRT

Junho, 2023